Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chest Pains again..............really!

So I woke up with chest pains again, not as bad as the ones that took me to the ER but pretty bad. At one point I called Brad and told him to call me every 15 minutes and if I did not answer the phone to call 911! He was not happy when I told him that and told me this is probably more serious then I think, but I told him I went to the ER last time and they could not do anything to help me, the doctor can't help so I will sit here until I can no longer breathe.  He was not happy but I was not moving.  Well after his second call my zofran ran out and I was to sick to get up and go to the fridge and get a new bottle of zofran.  So I turned my pump off (something I NEVER do), within 10 minutes the chest pains were gone, then I realized in the ER once they turned my zofran pump off the chest pains lessened.  Last Wednesday night I also broke out in hives but didn't think it was important to call my nurse.  I do not know what I am saying but I think the zofran is related to my chest pains.  But I can not stop the zofran, what to do.............

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