Wednesday, February 29, 2012

12 weeks..................YA

I am not really sure what 12 weeks means, but it does mean another week closer.  yesterday was a pretty good day, can you believe i am typing that. it started out rough with the chest pains.  i lowered my zofran and then decide I was starving and wanted stuffed bell pepper soup, in a 3 hour period I ate 6 small bowls!  I thought I was going to be sorry, at 8:30pm I was still awake and felling well, I was so excited.  But then the cramps started (constipation), I took 4 big laxatives and went to sleep and prayed for results in the morning.  I woke up before 6am at some point with killer cramps and the laxatives did not work at all.............CONSTIPATED and NAUSEOUS!  Please NO!  Out came the suppositories when I could take no more cramps, and thank goodness those things work even if it is too well.  Lived on the toilet until 8:15am!  Brad went to work during this time and the 2 youngest woke up during this time.  Now I am trying to recover from a hard morning and hoping and praying for a good day, and most of all hoping and praying that my little baby in my tummy is handling all these cramps and medicines and not affecting him/her and is growing strong, we love you baby.

My oldest is not going to school today.  I think she might have a bladder infection and has had 3 random weird accidents in 3 days and says it hurts to go.  I am heart broken that I can not take her to the doctor and help her pee in a cup for the first time.  I am thankful that my mom will be able to take her but it still breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart even more the stress my 3 girls are going through due to me being sick, they are having such a hard time and I did not expected it to affect them as much as it has.  It is so much easier having hyperemesis when your children are smaller not older.

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