Sunday, March 4, 2012

12 weeks and 4 days

do you know what happens when you eat a cup of peanuts?  Your stomach can turn it into chunky peanut butter and you can throw up 7 minutes straight without taking a breath............just so you know!

I keep telling myself that i really only have a hard 4 weeks left, and by the end of march i will be feeling a whole lot better, but i read through my blog last night from my last pregnancy and that is not really true i really do not get better until half way 20 weeks which would be the end of April!  I can not guarantee I think I can make it that far, I am considering a feeding tube.  Maybe I am fighting against something that will help me get better sooner, I am going to do some research today.  I need to be prepared for the doctors on Wednesday, i know i have lost more weight and more then they would like :(

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