Friday, March 16, 2012

Afternoon on Friday

so I am in a bad funk. i feel like i am hopefully over the worst of it. the room does not spin all the time and every movement does not make me throw up. sure i throw up from time to time but it does not feel like i need to throw up all the time. i still can not drink anything not even an ounce or i throw up instantly. the only thing i can eat is graham crackers and kix cereal. nothing else. i still need my zofran and iv's. but i am bored and tired of sitting in my chair all day. by this point with the other kiddos I could walk into target and sit in a wheel chair at least. i still can not even walk to the car without being exhausted. i tried to walk to my dads car yesterday out of the hospital and I had to sit down in the parking lot because I could not make it. Today I decided to clean the girls room, brad is good at stacking and organizing not at cleaning. I cleaned 1/4 of it and got a bag full of trash out and had to go sit down for the rest of the day. when will i feel well enough to do something, how much more of this chair can I take? this pregnancy is so much worse then the others!

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