Friday, March 30, 2012

16 weeks and 2 days

yesterday i had a great day, today has started out a little rough but hoping for it to get better.  my hubby and i are going to try to go out to dinner tonight, the first time in about 16 weeks, i sure hope i feel well enough.  here is where i am at:


-i do one bag of IV fluids a day mixed with benedryl
-i am still on a very high dose of zofran in my pump / 24 hours a day
-the only thing i can drink is water-down lemonade, but i get about 24oz a day
-i can eat everything and anything as long as it sounds good - nachos and hot dogs are my favorite
-i still deal with cramps due to sever constipation that is worse now that i am eating
-i do not throw up but have about 4 hours a day i feel like i am going to
-my boobs are killing me, i did not have this issue with my 3 girls, bras hurt, laying on them hurt and my 2 year old accidentally pushing on them can bring me to tears, i have never had this feeling before!
-i did not have a heighten sense of smell with the girls and with this one I can smell everything.  i was sitting outside with my neighbor last Friday, and said, "who is cooking fish tonight for dinner?"   she along with 9 kids did not smell it, but too me it was bad.  a few days later it hit me what it was, it was lent and a church in the area was having a fish fry to kick it off!  pretty impressive huh?
-yesterday afternoon the baby moved from my pelvis up to my belly button, i said i officially "Popped", he was moving around like crazy, and my belly was huge! so i had brad get the maternity clothes out last night, and well this morning i put a size small maternity shirt on and it is HUGE on me and my belly is gone now, i guess it might not have been the baby but nachos!
-still chew a pack of gum a day!
- the c word (circumcision) has been decided, thanks to great friends and family who are not judgmental and let me ask about their husbands and sons and their feelings (it has been like 20 people).  i appreciate them being honest and supporting me even if my decision is different then theirs is.  i really appreciate my poor 20 year old brother who is in the military for letting me ask him embarrassing questions and him answering with the word "junk" instead of "penis" because he is so shy!
-next big decision who gets fixed :)

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