Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Picture Update

For someone foreign to a picc line set up here are a few pictures, more to come but this is all I was up too! This is how mine works and how I take care of it but I am sure everyone's is different and different doctors and health care companys take care of it differently. Do what your medical professional says.

These are all the needles I have used in 13 weeks, they do not go into me they go into my IV bag!  Thank goodness!  They have benedryl in them!

My favorite throw up bowl from the hospital, square is s much better.  I do not know why though!  My policy is one good throw up per bowl.  I can not throw up in a bowl and throw up an hour later in the same bowl unless it is washed!

These are keytone strips you pee on the strip and then you hold it up to the bottle to see what color it turns.  It tells you how many keytones are in your urine which then tells you how dehydrated you are.  You want to know my dirty little secret, I do not use them but tell my nurses I use them.  It hurts my head when I see the results and makes me feel horrible.  I figure I am getting IV's all day long I am clearly not dehydrated I do not need a stick making me depressed!  I have enough issues!

The yellow syringe is heprin which is a blood thinner.  I use it in my IV fluid picc line every night to keep blood from clotting in my picc line.  I use it every 3 days in my IV zofran picc line for the same purpose.  It does not have any side effects and keeps my line running smooth!  The white syringe is saline solution and I use that when ever I connect or disconnect from IV, it has no taste or side effects either.  But with my last baby it tasted metal to metal my throat!  Weird!

This is my benedryl vile's and all my needles!

This is my zofran pump.  You can either have it put into your stomach with a tube and needle or if you have a picc line have it attached to your picc line.  I original had it in my stomach but had a bad reaction under my skin.  I have no reaction in my pump.  So zofran is pumped into me 24 hours a day.  I have to change the zofran syringe once in the morning and once before bed.  My dose is .720 I do not know what that means but i know it is 2 levels from the highest you can go.  i started it at a much lower rate but needed it raised many times.  I also can do on demand bolus dose, 2 times a day 4 hours a part.  Which means if I am really sick I can get a large amount in 12 minutes.  They helped a lot at the beginning when I was really sick.

The picc line!

This is the upper part of my left arm.  You can get a picc line put into either arm.  The left arm is closer to your heart though and I am right handed so I do not use my left arm as much.  This is called a double picc lumen picc.  I highly recommend a double and not a single and requested it with both of my picc's.  The tube with the red cap pumps IV fluid into me and the tube with the purple cap pumps zofran into me.  The purple airplane thing is sewn into me with blue stitches and the stitches hurt more then the picc line itself.  The clear plastic around the picc is called my dressing and they get changed and cleaned by a nurse every 7 days and it stings so bad it brings tears to my eyes.  The little yellow square on my picc line is called tagaderm and it is an antibacterial gel to help prevent infection.  The airplane looking thing to the red cap is measured every week and must measure the same length to make sure it not moving around.  Since mine is stitched in it is unlikely to move around.  Mine always measures 11 inches.  My last picc line was not sewn in so it measured different every week.  They also measure the circumference of my upper arm 3 inches from incision site to make sure there is no swelling or fluid leakage into my arm.  My arm is always 33.5 cm!

The IV bag and pole, I hate the pole the base is huge and my house is small.  So if I get up I just carry the bag I do not ever move the IV pole.  The yellow circle on the IV bag is where I nut my needles in to add benedryl!

Beware our apple juice jar is Bio-Hazard, meaning don't drink from it it is full of needles!

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