Tuesday, March 6, 2012


woke up at 5:45 with tummy ache, in the bathroom until 6:30am, in the bath to help until 7am!  Back into bed to watch an hour on Super Tuesday! Got up at 8am to find my picc line sprung a blood leak from the incision sight, waiting for my home health care to decide if I need to go to the hospital or they will come out and help me...............always something!

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Donna said...

Hi, my name is Donna and my daughter is on her 2nd HG pregnancy. I'm so thankful for you blogging your experience. It helps her knowing she is not alone in this experience. She has the horrible Zofron headaches too. She stopped using the pump because her heataches were just too much. She had them everyday. Now she is using the Unisom and B6. She says it helps a little. Today her home nurse accidentally pulled out her PICC line. She said it slipped out. My daughter is 14 weeks pregnant and is going to see if she can go without the PICC line, verses having to put it back in. Good Luck with this pregnancy. You know that little bundle will all be worth it.