Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Can not believe I have made it this far with so much further to go!

I forgot to update about the bloody picc line, my nurse came out at like 10am and took my dressings off to see what was going on, the bleeding had stopped and she was able to clean up all the dry blood.  She thinks i must have hit my picc line and caused it to bleed. it was the most painful dressing change especially since i just had it done the day before! more then once i screamed a little.  the picc line is stitched into my arm and when they do the dressing changes every week they have to clean under the stitches, which has now loosened my stitches.  i can go get new thank you! or suffer, it is pretty painful because they move around and pull under my skin.  i currently am using tape to keep them in place.

my nurse suggested using an ace bandage and ace bandage my arm to a pillow at night so i can not roll over on my arm or move my arm.  That does not sound like fun.  I decided to get a long tube sock and cut the toes off and wear a big sock on my arm to try to keep tubes in place and it helped a lot last night.  I will take a picture when I am feeling better.

Yesterday was an overall good day, but today I feel fairly sick, and I have my doctors appointment hopefully that will go well.

To all the wonderfulpeople who read my blog whom i do not personally know, send me your e-mail address and I will write you back..............Donna your daughter is in my thoughts and prayers, has she tried dissolve zofran?

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