Friday, March 23, 2012

A little more update from today

Now that the excitment of it being a boy has set in.  I was very shocked!  I thought for sure it was a girl!  I had no clue!  I really am excited though.  We told our 3 daughters this afternoon.  My oldest was in a school play and we gave her blue flowers afterwards and her teacher and friends hugges her and our middle child was so excited.  Then we got home and our oldest broke down in tears, "I do not want a brother, I do not like boys, I want a sister!"  We talked about how she was in heaven with her brother and how much they loved each other and how he has missed her.  That helped a little.  We went to Ci-Ci's pizza to celebrate and it was my first time going to a resturant since I got pregnant.  I did not eat anything but I was able to sit the whole time!

I did gain 1 pound in 2 weeks!  First time so far!  YA!

The baby looked healthy and had all the right body parts, legs, toes, etc.  Heart rate was 145 bpm.  The baby is still down very low.  He was measuring 16 weeks. Only bad news was I have placenta previa, which can be not so great, so I will have another ultrasound in 5 weeks and they will check if it has changed.  My placenta is covering my cervix 100%.  I hope and pray this changes and will  not be an issue.

The current name that my husband likes is Daniel John, I like it but have not looked an any other names!

The first Stevens boy, though I have had dreams about a girl, does this mean we are having another one after this? 

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