Monday, March 12, 2012

13 weeks and 5 days

My nurses came out and changed my dressings.....OUCH!  But they have a new nurse trained now for me so when my nurse goes on maternity leave.  Everything went and looked great!

I actually took a bath this morning all by myself and even washed my hair, I did not throw up!  Its the cleanest the nurse has ever seen me!

My 2 year is very sick with a bad cold and I have been up 2 night in a row with her.  I called her doctor and they wanted to see her but I begged them to call a prescription in, I am not well enough to take her to the doctors.    So, they did..........YA!

Brads aunt and uncle who live in Ohio whom we are close to, Rosemarie, aunts mom passed away early this morning.  Prayers and thoughts with them at this time.  Though she has been very ill for 6 years, Brads aunt dedicated her life to taking care of her in her home and feeding her, changing her, bathing her, and doing everything for her.  Brads aunt is truly an amazing person and I wish there were more people like her, the world would be a better place.

I watched My Sisters Keeper today with Cameron Diaz about a girl dying from cancer, I cried the whole time and I never cry. I should not have watched it!

I am in this middle point, I am not well enough to get out of my chair and do anything but I feel well enough too.  I hate being in this middle stage of hyperemesis!  As soon as I think I am doing well it all goes down hill!

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