Monday, March 5, 2012

Zofran Headache

Now according to my last post the worst side effect of zofran is the zofran poop, but just when I think I am at the worst side effect........side effect number 2 happens.  A zofran headache.  Now headaches are a side effect of zofran and I am not a headache person, I never even get them when I am not sick.  I typically do not get headaches with zofran though many woman I have talked to on zofran complain that the headaches are the worse.  I have been so lucky not to deal with them.

Until 7:30pm last night!  It hit like a bad storm, I was fine then all of a sudden the back of my head felt like someone had a drill and was performing a craniotomy on me while I was a wake.  It was more then a headache and I thought I was going to die.  I feel that way often, I know! I had Brad put me to bed, and I could not close my eyes it hurt so bad, I could not lay down, or sit up, or cry.  8:30pm the pain was so bad I was throwing up and shaking.  I laid in bed with my eyes open convinced I was going to die until midnight when I finally passed out from the pain.

I woke up at 8am and the headache was gone, I hope and pray I do not have to go through that again, it was the worst!

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