Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I DROVE.....13 weeks

So, tonight Brad got home from work and the kids wanted to go outside and played.  He asked me to come sit outside in a chair.  It is the first time I have felt like I could, and I did! It felt so good!  While I was sitting outside I said, "lets go get ice-cream"!  he laughed and said I was not ready!  I told him I was ready and I wanted to drive.  It was so weird driving, he told me the break was on the left and the gas was on the right, he told me green means go, it all very funny and it felt even funnier to drive.  i drove a whole mile and when we got there I was beat.  We walked in got ice cream and went and sat in the car, I was tired.  I had some ice cream but was unable to drive home.  Its a start though!

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