Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More about the doctors!

More about the doctors today.   So your first ob appointment you are suppose to have a pap smear and breast exam.  But since I was sick from pretty much day one I have not been well enough for this.  They bug me at every appointment to do this.  I go to the doctors every 2 weeks.  So, today I decided I was going to do it.  So I let them do a pap (which was the most painful one I have ever had, no clue why, maybe because my legs have been glued shut for 13 weeks), but I told them my boobs felt fine, with the bleeding from my picc yesterday there was no way my shirt was coming off! 

The baby is low and small which is the case for all my babies but they end up being 9 pounds.  So they are doing an ultrasound at the next appointment to make sure the baby is growing.  I will be a little over 15 weeks, do you think they will be able to tell the gender?  I sure hope so!  There is a slim chance they will be able to but I will have my fingers crossed, I am dying to know! They said I had to drink 16oz of water when I made the appointment and told them I do not drink any fluid, they did not know what to say or do, it might be an issue, we will see!

I keep feeling funny movements in my lower belly I know it is really too early to feel the baby moving but I swear that is what it is!


Angie said...

First, I like your new blog layout!

Second, it is NOT too early to feel the baby. I felt Grayson and have been feeling this one since about 11 weeks. Just flutters (not gas--I know what that feels like ;), but they are getting stronger all the time.

Third, they *should* be able to tell the gender at 15 weeks. That's about the point when things start to get a little more obvious. My midwife, who is amazing, said she'd scan me at my 16 week appointment and we'd try to see then. Not sure I want to know, though, because then I have to tell people. LOL (I have a pretty good idea of the gender after my 12 week ultrasound, though).

Fourth, stupid pap smears!

SARAH said...

Thanks Angie! I told Brad if we find out at 15 weeks I want to keep it a secret!

Angie said...

I have contemplated that too, Sarah, but I don't want to offend people. Allen wants to know and said he'd not tell anyone if I want, but I feel like if we both know then we have to tell people. :/ I guess they'll know sooner or later--Just gotta rip the bandaid off. LOL I'm sure we can't escape the comments either way, and either gender. :/

Angie said...

Oh, I just wanted to add. Don't worry about the water. I think that's more important before 12 weeks. At 15 weeks the baby will be plenty big and you should be able to see it just fine with an empty bladder.